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We have been in business since 1995 and developed a reputation as a premier and reliable full service telecommunication and prepaid solutions provider. Mobile-net is a full service Long Distance Carrier, FCC licensed and directly interconnected with over 40 premium PTT’s & carriers worldwide. At Mobile-net, we strive to offer our dealers and customer the most cutting edge solutions for international calling and other prepaid services, with the best possible quality at the most affordable rates.

For retailers, Mobile-net is the best source to purchase prepaid products and services for instant resale to customers. Mobile-net is a unique full service provider to support and ensure your success in the prepaid market. We are offering the most popular and needed prepaid products available on the market today.

Here is the brief description of what we have to offer

Telemobile Dealer Portal:

Mobile-net Web Based POSA (Point Of Sale and Activation) “Telemobile Dealer Portal” offer you real time service activation, airtime PIN retrieval and payment processing. Mobile-net developed one of the most advanced electronic transaction processing platform available in the market. The platform completely automates all transactions and generates detailed real time reports to monitor your transactions and account activity. As a Mobile-net dealer, you will have access to a variety of products at the most competitive prices. Mobile-net will provide you with marketing materials to inform your customers that prepaid products are available in your store, posters, banners and more. We will provide your clients customer service to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and repetitive purchase at your retail location. Mobile-net will assign a dedicated Account Manager to work with you on account setup and the training process to assist you in achieving success as Mobile-net partner. We see all our dealers as partners, for this reason, we offer a very generous compensation plan. Not only will the dealer receive a considerable portion of the sale, but the commissions earning is guaranteed for as long as the customer remains with Mobile-net.

PIN-Less International Calling Plan:

Join the fastest growing service in the Wireless and Long Distance industries. Now you can activate an International Calling Plan for your customers instantly. Our service works with any phone from any Wireless Provider and our rates are very attractive, in fact starting from 1 cent per minute. My011 service offers the convenience of prepaid international calling with savings of up to 85% compared with cellular carrier rates. Our service uses caller ID recognition technology. Consumers can use our service from any phone number that has been registered with us. Remember, we are the easiest to use and the most affordable long distance company you could ever offer to your customers. We provide direct dialing from cellular phones and we guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction.