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Prepaid Pins

NET offers large selection of Calling Cards designed for long distance and international calls to any destination. Use our calling rate finder to select your destination and get the best calling card for you. Our calling cards are "Instant Pin" which means you will receive your PIN via email and will be ready to make long distance calls right after completing the purchase of your calling card.

The calling cards are a good solution if you are traveling or simply don't plan to make calls on a regular basis. Once the money is depleted on your phone card, you have to buy a new card to continue making international or long distance calls with low rates.

If you plan to make calls on a regular basis, we rather recommend you using either our "Dial Around Service" or our "Long Distance Service" or even better if you have broadband internet then we recommend using our VoIP service to enjoy the most possible savings.

Contact us if you want to become a Phone Card and PIN retailer.